For two decades, our small and nimble teams have developed and delivered robotics and autonomous systems for harsh-environment applications. From space robotics to autonomous systems for nuclear, military, agriculture and infrastructure applications, we develop solutions for some of the hardest challenges in the world – and off-world. And now, as part of the much-larger SSL MDA family, together we are working towards even bigger things that seemed unimaginable to us only a few years ago. Browse this site to learn more.

Recent News


MDA US Systems Protecting Systems Against Ransomware Cyber Attack

On Friday, a worldwide ransomware cyberattack was released that hit at least 200 countries and 200,000 users. MDA US Systems has not been affected by this attack. MDA US Systems’s IT and Cyber Security teams are working vigorously to sustain our strong protection against this attack to ensure the security of our systems, our network, and our data. Microsoft has released a critical system patch, and we are actively deploying it.


Image credits: DARPA, NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS, NASA/JPL-Caltech