Robotics & Automation
Systems Engineering And Project Management

MDA is more than just great engineers. Our robotics challenges require solid systems engineering effort, where an broad perspective is applied to seek multidisciplinary design-optimized solutions. We utilize customized in-house simulation and analysis tools for portions of this work, but proper engineering judgment by experienced leadership is always an important integrating element. Such leadership can not only help to visualize where ripe solution tradespace may be, but also how best to get there given the constraints at hand. Most of our technical leaders have been with our organization since its beginning.

Equally key for success is solid project management. Typically our projects are not only technically challenging, but also with evolving requirements and sometimes complex teams. Our project managers properly define and control the requirements we must work to, and how we will work to them. They work closely with our engineering, manufacturing, and quality leaders, as well as very closely with the customer set, to make sure we have the best chance to meet or exceed our customer’s needs.