Build & Test Facilities

Clean Rooms

Assembly and test areas include a class 10,000 (ISO 7) clean room, upgradeable to class 1000 as dictated by program requirements (400 ft2); a class 10,000 (ISO 7) clean tent (400 ft2); and two class 100,000 high bays (1000 ft2 each). Inside the class 10,000 clean rooms, Class 100 (ISO 5) laminar flow bench workstations are used for sensitive assembly operations.


MDA maintains its own in-house fabrication facility and machine shop.  Equipment includes 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC mills, a 4-axis Vertical Machining Center with optical spindle probe, a well-equipped tool room with precision jig borer, manual tool room lathes, and manual milling machines.

Dimensional inspection is performed in environmentally-controlled rooms equipped with a Coordinate Measuring Machine; High-precision Measuring Machine (PMM); Faro Arm (for larger, immobile assemblies); precision roundness machine (capable of measuring roundness, runout, flatness, and perpendicularity to a resolution of 0.00002 inch); high precision micrometer (capable of a resolution of 0.00001 inch); and various smaller, industry-standard, inspection tools.

Assembly & Test

Testing capabilities at MDA include actuator dynamometer testing (torques ranging from less than 1 oz-in to nearly 1000 lb-ft), thermal testing, thermal vacuum testing, and structure-mechanism static testing.

Additionally, MDA frequently develops unique test rigs to verify program-specific performance requirements (such as mechanism deployment accuracy/repeatability or robotic arm positioning accuracy/repeatability).


"Reach-Back" Build & Test Facilities

When our needs exceed our existing available facilities for whatever reason, we enjoy the benefits of easily tapping into the much broader facilities base of the entire SSL MDA enterprise. These include Composites Fabrication, Electronics Manufacturing, Environmental Testing, Materials Testing, and many others. Sometimes this is a result of a spike in local resource demands, but more common nowadays is performing such work (including Engineering) by original plan as part of our One Company approach.

For a full listing of all "Reach-Back" Build & Test Facilities available to us, go here.